Gambling Tips

Cash Out

Cash Out is a concept that has proven to be very popular with players. You can use the cash-out option if you are not sure that your bet will win. Usually used with combo games. Cashing out can be a great way to save a small loss or to win in a situation where you can lose everything.

By using the option to end your game early, with the risk that it may still be winning, you can lock in a refund or minimize your loss, depending on the situation.

Use Foot Soldiers

Can you use people to your advantage? One player did it by having tons of people place small bets for him, winning big. The betting companies quickly find high rollers who win big and close their accounts or limit their bets.

You can get around that by having lots of people place bets for you and pay them a small fee.

If you are successful enough, you will also be able to hire people to perform such tasks as doing your research or finding arbitrage games.

Go to events

Go to events

By attending sporting events, you expand your knowledge of the game or sport you will be playing.

You can study horses up close or get first-hand information on what the track looks like. Does it look like the weather will change, or is there a tactical trend that you can take advantage of?

You can be the first to know when something changes and can quickly get your game to the bank.

That was our epic guide on how to beat the bookies. These 30 secret principles will give you the knowledge you need to play with confidence. Using these strategies you can CRUSH the bookies and become a successful game master.

With good betting sites, you can count on being able to bet on all the most prominent sports leagues from around the world. All the most significant betting companies closely monitor the leagues the players have as favorites. If you are unsatisfied with that, you can apply to many other leagues, perhaps the Brazilian Serie A.

Use Gambling Bonuses

Use Gambling Bonuses

In order, among other things, to attract new players, betting sites like to display large bonuses in the form of pure money. ( Deposit €100 and get an extra €100 ) That’s what it sounds like, among other things. Below are some of the most popular bonuses.

  • Welcome bonuses: As a new customer, you are offered this form of bonus. It always applies only once per customer and is non-recurring.
  • Promotional bonuses: A recurring bonus that often appears at major events.
  • No Deposit Bonus: A free bonus where you get a bonus immediately upon registration without any requirement that you deposit any money.
  • Money back Bonus: A very valuable bonus where you get your money back if you gamble should go wrong, a bonus you absolutely must not miss.
    Free Bets
  • Mobile Bonuses: Special bonuses for games with your mobile

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Gambling Tips

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