Betting Secrets

How To Bet And Always Win?

End your losses and start fighting back by using these secret principles to crush the bookies. All players are looking for an edge, so how do you get one over the bookmakers?

Luckily, we have the secrets they don’t want you to know.

Check out our guide with the four secret principles on CRUSH the bookies. 


Technology has changed the gaming industry. Players no longer need to go to their local gaming store.

Players today have access to all gambling companies at their fingertips. All these betting companies are competing for your attention. You can take advantage of this. Whether you’re looking to make an arbitrage by guaranteeing your results or you need to find statistics quickly, technology is your best weapon.

Many software programs exist today that will help you beat the bookies. Programs can find statistics or results and programs that can perform complex mathematical calculations or probabilities for different odds. Intelligent players use all these solutions to gain an edge.

Become a Specialist

Become a Specialist

 If you are serious about winning at betting, then becoming an expert in your chosen sport will increase your chances.

Limiting the number of sports you play allows you to focus on one method and become a specialist. You will need to research and study all the available information and statistics, but it will help you gain the knowledge you need to beat the bookies.

You can also choose a specific game form to play on. By specializing in the form of betting, you know what to look for when bookmakers are likely to offer their best odds.

Favorites at Low Odds Don’t Always Win 

You may be tempted to take the easy way out, but low-odds favorites don’t always win. Bookmakers are known to make big mistakes on favorites with low odds.

You may well find better value by taking a different route and finding an edge that is overlooked.

Finding a winner with high odds can be less risky than betting on multiple outcomes at low odds.

Betting Arbitrage 

Betting Arbitrage

Betting arbitrage or “matched betting” is a risk-free strategy to ensure that you win, regardless of the outcome.

Using calculations to work out the correct odds for you, you can find better odds on the opposite outcome that will ensure you win no matter what happens.

Many good calculators can help you with this. You also need an account with a betting exchange to be able to play against yourself.

You can also use this strategy to claim free games and bonuses at betting companies. You can then use the free money to play against the other outcomes by placing a qualifying bet.

You win regardless of the outcome, which guarantees a win.

Control Your Emotions and Attitude

The best players can focus on their long-term strategy. They have planned and prepared for all possible outcomes and can stay calm if they lose many games.

Being patient and not chasing your lost bets separates the winners from the losers.

If you lose your composure and start to get frustrated or angry, you will most certainly start making bad bets and lose control.

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