Betting Secrets

How To Win More On Sports Betting?

How is it possible to outsmart betting companies? Are you constantly losing money to them and betting on loser after loser? Do you want to put an end to it? All these questions are essential for every bettor keen on winning big.

Some players outwit the betting companies every day by using clever tricks and secrets. Secrets feared by the gambling companies and practices they do not want you to know.

Become a Member of More Than One Gambling Company

Become a Member

The first strategy is to create as many accounts as possible with the best betting sites. We recommend creating multiple accounts for several reasons.

The first is to take advantage of all betting companies’ free games and bonuses. They are constantly trying to bring in new customers and are willing to give away big freebies.

Second, you will get a broader range of odds to choose from. Don’t stay with the same old betting company when you can win 10-15% more just by looking for better odds.

Finally, you spread the risks of having an account closed by the betting companies, as they don’t like players who regularly win, so by spreading your winnings, you will reduce the suspicions that you clean up with them!

Gain Better Knowledge

Gaining better knowledge than your rivals will help you achieve success in betting. If you can find better information than the other players, you will be in a better position than others when the right opportunity arises.

You need to keep an eye on the news and statistics. Is there some surprising news about the law that is not so well publicized, or have you found a statistical anomaly that you can use to your advantage?

Have you studied the weather, the surface, and the opponents’ goal score? What surface do they play on in tennis?

By having better knowledge, you will have an advantage against betting companies.

Find Simple Forms of Play

Find Simple Forms of Play

Most players will stick to popular game formats such as Match Score or First Scorer. The gambling companies are happy to publish these games as they know that this is what the ignorant players play most often.

Is there a possibility of betting on both teams scoring? With so many gambling options, there will be several different alternative games.

Find Simple Sports

Finding bets on sports that are not as accessible or not shown as much can also help you gain an advantage over the bookies.

For example, television shows English Premier League football daily with news and updates. You can watch it 24/7, and all sorts of statistics are available to anyone who is the least bit interested.

Find a sport that is lesser known, and by doing a little research, you can get better odds, as the bookmakers may not have the knowledge required to find the correct odds.

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